Pecans in general

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Pecans are usually rather expensive.  I'm curious as to why?
A pound of pecans will cost you about what a pound of steak 
would cost at the grocery store.  It's important to understand 
that raising pecans is first and foremost, one of the most 
labor intense undertakings in the world of agriculture.  A 
pecan orchard requires daily management, from pruning, 
weed control, irrigation to the enormous task of harvesting, 
especially in small, young orchards likeo ours that will not 
acommodate large harvesting equipment.  For pecan trees to 
produce a crop ofpecans, an unimaginable amount of water 
must be supplied, a huge expense.  Pecan trees need 
nitrogen and zinc.  If predator insects invade the orchard, 
pesticieds must be applied.  Weed control and orchard floor 
management is required.  The list goes on and on as to the 
expense and labor required to produce a crop of pecans.  
One must also remember...A pecan tree (or a whole orchard 
of trees) will not produce a single pecan for the first five 
years, and will only begin to produce a sufficient crop to 
break even somewhere in the ten to fifteen year range.

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