Pecan's Fat Profile:

The total fat in pecans is 19.2 g per one ounce serving size.
Saturated Fat1.5 g6.8%
Monounsaturated Fat11.9 g53.1%
Polyunsaturated Fat4.8 g21.2%

Nutritional Analysis of Dried Pecans:

Calories189Folate11.1 mcg
Protein2.2 gPantothenic.481 mg
Carbohydrates5.17 gVitamin-C.567 mg
Fat - Total19.2 gVitamin-D0 mcg
Saturated Fat1.54 gVitamin E-Alpha E.879 mg
Mono Fat11.9 gCalcium10.2 mg
Poly Fat4.76 gCopper.338 mg
Omega 3 FA192 gIron.603 i-ng
Omega 6 FA4.53 gMagnesium36.2 mg
Cholesterol0 mgManganese1.28 mg
Dietary Fiber1.84 gPhosphorous82.3 mg
Total Vitamin A3.69 REPotassiumIll mg
A - Retinol0 RESelenium3.31 mcg
A - Carotenoi3.69 RESodium1.55 mg
Thiamin-BI.241 mgZinc18.8 g
Riboflavin.036 mgComplex Carbs2.1 g
Niacin-B3.253 mgSugars1.22 g
Niacin Equivelant.253 mgAlcohol0 g
Vitamin-B6.053 mgCaffeine0 mg
Vitamin-Bl20 mcgWater1.37 g
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