How to buy Southern Star Pecans
We receive lots of questions from our customers.  By far the most common are about how to buy our pecans.  Folks, there are no hard fast rules here at the Southern Star...we'll sell them to you anyway you want to buy them.  We can tell by the phone calls we receive that people have the impression they are buying pecans from some huge pecan store staffed with lots of employees.  Southern Star Pecans is a farm.  We raise pecans and have a herd of Boer goats in the back pasture. We are family owned and operated and we do all the work ourselves, from harvesting pecans to packaging them and shipping them to your home. 

I remember as a youngster visiting my grandparents on their dairy farm. Numerous times someone would pull up right at dinnertime wanting to buy fresh eggs from Grandma.  She would go to the door, invite them in from the cold, get their two or three dozen eggs ready, chat with them a moment, and collect her fifty cents.  We wouldn't have it any other way today.  We will sell our pecans to you anyway you want to buy them!
This old hat hangs right by the back door in our kitchen.  I put it on everytime I go out to work in the orchard. It reminds me of the years of hard work we've put into our pecan operation to make it what it is today.  It also reminds me that people from all over the country are spending their hard earned money on our pecans, expecting to get the best pecans at the best price from Southern Star Pecans. We don't intend to let them and this old hat.
Buying pecans using our online shopping cart
The shopping cart is a new addition to our web site this year.  We searched long and hard for a simple, easy to use online program to make our customers' online buying experience as easy as possible.  We still find that buying anything online intimidates many people and others are hesitant about divulging financial information over the internet.   However, for those of you who are comfortable shopping online, we encorage you to use our shopping cart software.
E-mail your order to us
Before we put the shopping cart together, our customers simply sent their request to us and we shipped their order to them.  This option is still available to those who don't want to use the cart.  Send an e-mail stating what you want to purchase and we will generate a Paypal invoice with the total due.  Simple as that!  Contact us here
Phone your order in to us
You do have this option, but we caution you that we may be hard to reach at times.  We don't stay by the phone...we have a farm to tend to, baby goats to deliver, pecan trees to care for, kids, ballgames, etc.   For those customers wanting to pay by credit card or debit card and don't want to do so over the internet, we can take your order and your financial information over the phone.   We suggest you try to reach us between 5:30 and 7:00 pm (Central time) during the week and just take your chances on the weekend.   Contact info here
Stop by our orchard
We know this is not practical for most of our customers.  We ship our pecans all over the United States, from Alaska to Florida.  But we do occasionally have folks stop by to buy pecans from us.  I had a couple on vacation stop by last spring to visit, from Iowa I believe.  We had a wonderful visit, sitting on the back porch cracking pecans and chatting about west Texas, our farm, and whatever came to mind.  The porch light is always on at the Southern Star.
Tips to make your buying experience easier

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Other forms of payment

We accept United States Postal Money orders.  Your order will ship as soon as we receive you USPS Money Order.

We will also accept business or personal checks, however, you order may be delayed as much as three weeks while we wait for your payment to clear.  (Not recommended)