Southern Star Pecans-One of the most trusted and respected pecan names in the Southwest.  We have worked hard to earn the reputation...and we work even harder to keep it!

During the month of March 2008, 496 pecan growers across the United States turned to Southern Star Pecans for advice and guidance on producing premium quality pecans.

Throughout the years, we quietly and diligently toiled in our small pecan orchard, always going a step beyond in our orchard management, doing whatever it took to produce the best pecans possible.  People began to notice and we began to receive phone calls, emails, and visits from pecan growers who were genuinely interested in how WE raised pecans.  After numerous requests and suggestions, we launched our brand new web site, Texas Pecan, in January, 2008 and it became an instant success, achieving a sixth place ranking with Google (out of a possible 136,000) before we had even completed it.  Numerous pecan growers from all over the country visit the website daily in search of information on growing pecans.

If you are interested in seeing how we grow the pecans we sell to our customers all over the United States, we invite you to visit the Texas Pecan website.  You will discover that Southern Star Pecans not only strives to produce the best pecans possible, but that we strive to do so while maintaining a balance with nature, conserving precious resources such as water and energy, and doing everything in our power to provide our customers with a chemical and pesticide free food product.
Southern Star Pecans
We know pecans...and even more important, we know our pecans!
The majority of pecan stores on the internet are operated by pecan wholesalers and custom pecan shellers...companies who don't grow the pecans they sell.  These companies have no idea what methods were used to produce the pecans they sell to consumers, what type of pesticides and other chemicals the pecans were exposed to during the growing season, in fact they probably have no idea what variety of pecan they are selling. 

The Southern Star Pecan Difference
We know the pecans we grow...and sell.  We know our pecans are premium quality hybrid Western Schley and Wichita pecans, the most sought after varieties because of their taste and quality.   Due to our strict orchard management procedures, we are able to produce our pecan crop without the use of pesticides almost every year.  If we do have a heavy insect infestation that threatens our crop, we use the mildest formula and the least amount possible to get the situation back under control.  If we do have to apply pesticides, we never use them after July...three months prior to harvest date!
We don't use heavy equipment to harvest our pecans.  Because of their extremely thin shells, our nuts are harvested using small equipment that gently picks the nuts up and places them in a hopper.  We then clean our pecans by hand, removing debris and any pecans that don't measure up to our standards.  This gives us the opportunity to visually inspect our pecans for quality.  We then rinse our in-shell pecans to remove dust and other residue from the shell.
Our pecans are placed in cold storage to maintain their 'just picked' flavor and quality.  When a customer places an order, we take their pecans out of cold storage and allow them to reach room temperature before we bag them up.
We ship our pecans exclusively by USPS Priority Mail.  We know a customer's pecans will arrive on their doorstep in just a few days, and not spend weeks sitting in a storage room or the back of a hot truck, their quality deteriorating before they reach their destination.
In spite of all the extra steps we take to produce and sell premium quality pecans, Southern Star Pecans sells pecans for less!   Why?  It's our philosophy to not only offer our customers a superior product, but value for their dollar.  We simply will not charge any more than required to make a fair profit.  It's the right thing to do.    How can we sell for less?  We don't spend thousands of dollars on chemicals and pesticides to produce a pecan crop.  We don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heavy pecan equipment to pay for.  And...we do the work ourselves.  Southern Star Pecans is a family owned and operated business.  We don't hire crews to maintain our orchard or to harvest our pecans.  It takes us a bit longer, but  we are able to sell our pecans for less because we keep our operating expenses to a minimum.
Buy Southern Star Pecans for less!
*When browsing our online pecan store, you will notice the tag 'MSRP'. This is the common selling price our competitors are charging for a comparable package.
Use the Google search below to find other online pecan stores, then compare their prices with Southern Star Pecans.  The most frequently used search term used is "pecans for sale."   Try it!
We challenge you to find quality pecans at a better price!
Southern Star Pecans not only has the highest quality pecans for sale, we sell our pecans for less! We believe in giving our customers value as well as quality, and challenge you to find quality Texas hybrid pecans priced as low as ours anywhere on the Internet. Why do we choose to sell our pecans at a cheaper price? It all began back in the early days when our orchard was young and barely producing pecans. We discovered to our dismay that wholesale pecan buyers were unwilling to purchase less than two thousand pounds of pecans at a time. In desperation,we turned to online marketing of our pecans, selling them for just over what wholesale market value was. We found instant success in selling our pecans for less. We continue this marketing strategy today... Buy Southern Star Pecans for less!
Find pecans for less anywhere online and we'll match their price!
Here's the deal-if you find comparable pecans anywhere on the internet selling for a better price than Southern Star Pecans, we'll sell ours to you at the same price. Please read the 'fine print' below:
  • Must be Texas pecans
  • Must be hybrid Western Schley or Wichita pecans
  • Must be this years crop of pecans
  • Must be similiar package, ie pound for pound, etc.
  • Wholesale lots of pecans not eligible
  • Online classifieds or auctions not eligible
  • Shipping costs, discounts, etc. must be taken into account.
  • Price difference must be verified by Southern Star Pecans.

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