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Knowledge Center/FAQ

Which variety do you recommend?

We suggest you try both of our varieties and make your own decision.  The Western Schley pecan contains more 'natural oil' making it an enjoyable snacking nut.  This nut oil makes the Western Schley a 'moister nut', not dry like some pecan nutmeat.  This oil is considered 'good cholestrol' for those of you who are concerned with cholestrol intake.

The Wichita pecan has its own distinct pecan flavor and is considered the best pecan for baking.  Expert chefs say that flavor is actually enhanced during the baking process.  The Wichitas are also excellent snacking pecans.

Native pecans have perhaps a 'nuttier' flavor than either of the hybrids.  Our natives are usually sufficiently large and thin-shelled, not the small hard shelled nuts you may be familiar with from Grandma's back yard.

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